Late Night Easy To Make Dinner Meals for Family

Late Night Easy To Make Dinner Meals for Family

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in the middle of the night with an impromptu party or a midnight hunger, you’ve probably also been dissatisfied with the snacks in the pantry. Sometimes you just need a satisfying dish, with all the flavor and spice of your favorite day time meals. You also want that dish to be quick and easy, with minimal ingredients. Fortunately, we’ve got a few ideas that will help make that late night meal a memorable one.

Easy Steak with Asparagus

If you can tell someone what the meal is with just a couple of ingredients, you’ve got food magic on your hands. Our Easy Steak with Asparagus is no exception. Get yourself a nice, flavorful boneless steak (you can even order steak online, and have your pantry stocked to make your favorite steak dish), our steak seasoning, and serve it with asparagus and potatoes, adding some butter and lemon juice to the whole thing. It’s rich, savory and a perfect late night meal.

Suya Beef Skewers

There’s nothing more satisfying than freshly-cooked beef that you can eat right off the skewer, and our Suya Beef Skewers are a perfect example of that. Cook up some choice sirloin steak with Bailan’s steak seasoning, cook up some onion with two bell peppers, adding cabbage and parsley throughout the recipe. Completing the savory dish is some bouillon and salt, adding a little umami to an already savory dish.

Piri Piri Meatballs

Simplicity finds its way onto your plain with a zingy meatball and a nice, starchy bed of noodles with our Piri Piri Meatballs recipe. Starting with a nice, lean protein like turkey, the meatballs are cooked in our Piri Piri seasoning, along with one large egg, some parmesan cheese, marinara sauce and a tender, delicious penne pasta. There’s nothing like starch and protein to hit that late-night craving.

Easy Chicken

It doesn’t get much simpler than one main ingredient, and our Easy Chicken recipe is right there – chicken, spices and oil. Start with some slightly fatty chicken thighs, and add our African Hot Chicken Seasoning, which does most of the legwork for the dish’s flavor. Then add olive oil and salt for a little extra bump in flavor.

Simple Salmon

Not unlike our Easy Chicken Recipe, you’ll find satisfaction with just some salmon and the perfect spices in our Simple Salmon recipe. Start with a well-cooked piece of salmon and our Seafood Seasoning, then simply add olive oil and salt to taste.


All it takes is a little ingenuity and having a well-stocked pantry to make some quick and easy meals for a late night dinner. Always be sure to spice your central protein properly so that it mixes well with your veggies, and have a starch at hand that compliments and absorbs spices well. Stocking your spice cabinet with your favorite flavors is a great way to learn what you and your loved ones like the most.

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