Tips for Prepping a Busy Week

Tips for Prepping a Busy Week

If you’re constantly busy and still need to make food, your best bet is to make everything ahead of time. Prepping your meals in advance saves time and reduces your overall stress, and of course, it also saves you money because you know what you need and can integrate it into your prep. It reduces food waste, too. So here are some tips for getting all your meals and snacks prepped.

Breakfast Tips

Staying consistent with breakfast is important. You need some protein and carbs in the morning to get going, and they both need to be flavorful. A simple scramble or small omelet with some muffin or toast is reliable and can be very delicious. If, like many people, you’re going with eggs or egg whites, let them hold the flavor – mix a bit of African Hot Chicken Spice for a pick-me-up you’ll want every day. You can also go extra simple with a yogurt and granola parfait, or go for a crustless quiche instead of a scramble.

Snack Tips

By prepping snacks in advance, you’re setting yourself up for success. You can choose ahead of time what you’re going to nibble on. You might go for homemade protein bars, low-sodium jerky, or hard-boiled eggs, or you might stick with some healthy nuts like almonds or cashews. Just keep in mind that nuts can be fatty, so balance out how many you have to fit your diet. A little Ras al Hanout all-purpose seasoning mixed in with your nuts will give them an extra kick.

Lunch Prep Tips

Lunch is slightly more complicated than breakfast because it’s all about recharging and getting in some nutrients you might not have gotten in at your first meal. Prep some flavorful protein, and ensure you have veggies and fruit served with it. You can do some carbs, like noodles, but try making those yourself and pack them with veggies. A nice pre-prepared slice of salmon on some rice would be great, especially when prepared with our Seafood Seasoning.

Tips for Dinner

Dinner is usually the showcase meal. On busy days, consider one-pot and freezer meals, which you can make in a batch and freeze or refrigerate. Some meals reheat better than others, like chili, which tastes great and even better when reheated if you use our Piri Piri Seasoning.

Overall Meal Tips

Simplicity rules the day when prepping food, and making something taste good is easier than you think, especially with the right spices. Also, using the same ingredients multiple times throughout your meals is a way to save time and money while also finding new ways to enjoy the same old food.

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