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Seafood Seasoning

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This blend of natural herbs and spices is the secret to tasty seafood. Sprinkle on shrimp, salmon, and crab for a jolt of delicious flavor.

Our blend has low salt, no sugar, no additives — just all-natural ingredients for healthy home-cooked meals.


This blend of natural herbs and spices uses ingredients popular in Central African seafood cuisine. Our blend comes from one of our chefs who learned it by watching her grandma and her mother marinate seafood before sautéing, frying, or cooking with vegetables. Her secret to appetizing seafood has been a raging success in her home for years, and now we are proud to share it with you!

All our seasonings are made from only the finest ingredients, which are lovingly blended to give you the authentic taste of African cuisines. They’re great for quick yet utterly delicious meals.