Five hacks for using ginger in new ways.

Five hacks for using ginger in new ways.

Ginger root has been used for most of recorded history in medicines and other alternative uses. Although the strong, warm flavor of ginger has many fans across the globes and has stood the test of time in drinks and dishes that are either savory or sweet, many people are unaware, still, of the many alternative uses that ginger has. Stocking up on ginger can’t hurt, especially if you’re dealing with any of the following – check out five hacks for using ginger in new ways.

Ginger Bath Salts to Soothe

If you need to hop in the tub and you’re out of your typical treatment, perhaps you could give ginger a try. Ground ginger, Epsom salts and baking soda combine to make a relaxing bath salts mixture for soothing your body. This recipe also works if you combine the ingredients and package them up in a jar for a gift for a friend or family member.

Ginger Tea to Soothe the Stomach

Perhaps the most well known of alternative uses for ginger, making your upset stomach feel better is a huge benefit to using ginger. If you mix ground ginger in with some lemon juice and drink that, you could fairly quickly fix your sour or upset stomach. It’s the same reason ginger ale works, but using ground ginger and making it homemade makes it taste that much better.

Ginger Drink to Tame a Sore Throat

Ginger often pulls double-duty if you’re dealing with more internal soreness than normal. For a sore throat, though, rather than mixing your ginger powder with lemon juice, mix it up with some honey. This combination will not only soothe a sore throat, but it can help with motion sickness and – if you add black pepper – may help with asthma, as well.

Ginger Topically Helps Arthritis

Using ginger to make a medicinal compress (hot or cold) is a way to help ease arthritis pains and cramps. If you heat up your ginger in hot water, making a tea out of it, and then soak a cloth in it, you can use that as a compress. Letting it cool off enough to not burn you is key, and if you’re using it for a cold compress, you’ll want to let it sit and then chill it in a sealable bag.

Ginger to Reduce Gum Swelling

Ginger’s help with inflammation continues on with the gums, as well. This time, take your ground ginger and mix it with salt, and apply it directly to your gums to help reduce swelling. Ginger also has antibacterial qualities that can help, especially if you do this at least twice a day.


Balancing out other parts of your life is as important as balancing out your diet. Finding new ways to use natural ingredients in your daily life can be helpful, as long as you manage to strike out a positive balance. Using ginger is a fantastic way to build out your daily toolkit of food items with multiple purposes.

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