8 Ways To Reuse Your Bailan Spice Jars

8 Ways To Reuse Your Bailan Spice Jars

What do you do with your Bailan Spice jars after you’ve made those delicious meals? Do you put them to good use, recycle or, send them off to landfills? We have pulled our favorite fun and creative ways to repurpose spice jars around the house to celebrate Earth Day.



  • Save Your Unique Spice Mix

If you add salt or other herbs and spice to your Bailan Spice seasoning to create a unique flavor, save time by storing your mix in an empty spice jar.



  •  Sugar Shaker

Fill your cleaned spice jar with powdered sugar and give your baked good and pancakes an upscale look. You can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your spice jar of sugar and sprinkle it on your oatmeal or morning toast for a delicious breakfast.



  • Salad Dressing

Mix your favorite salad dressing mix and take just what your need for lunch or a lovely picnic in a spice jar.


  • Cake and Ice-cream sprinkler

Store your favorite cake and ice-cream sprinklers to use on your yummy treats!



  • Sewing Kit and Nail Organizer

Use your empty spice jars to hold sewing pins, needles, safety pins, buttons, thread, and small nails.



  • Bead organizer

Sort and store jewelry and hair beads by color in your empty spice jars. Put one color per jar, especially tiny beads.



  • Toothbrush Stand

Create beautiful and unique toothbrush stands for the whole family. This can be a great art craft with kids too! Put some art paint into a jar, swirl to create a design, pour out the extra paint, and let dry!



  • Glass Jar Luminary

Use small candles and luminaries outdoor or indoors to brighten the evening with a warm light.



Inspired to start reusing your glass jars yet? Grab a reason to save our planet, beautify your home and get creative today!

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