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Steak Seasoning

Enjoy easy dinners with Bailan Steak Seasoning! Rub on beef or pork, then marinate and grill, broil or pan cook to perfection. Season ground meats for easy homemade burgers and experience the delightful burst of flavors with every bite. Our Grandma-approved blend of bold and zesty flavors uses only the finest ingredients. It is SALT-FREE, SUGAR-FREE, with NO PRESERVATIVES—just all-natural ingredients for healthy, home-cooked meals.

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This blend of natural herbs and spices is made with ingredients used across West and Central African to season poultry, beef, and pork before cooking with sauces or soup. Our blend comes from one of our chefs who learned it by watching her grandma and her mother marinate meats. Her secret to great tasting meats has been a success in her home for years, and now we are proud to share it with you!

All our seasonings are made from only the finest ingredients, which are lovingly blended to give you the authentic taste of African cuisines. They’re great for quick yet utterly delicious meals. There’s absolutely no salt, no sugar, and no additives. Just all-natural ingredients for healthy meals. 

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