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Ethiopian Berbere (5pk)

Enjoy easy dinners with Bailan Ethiopian Berbere seasoning and experience the perfect balance of sweet and hot flavors burst into your mouth with every bite. Use to make vegetables, meats, or chicken stews and soups. Or be creative and whip up new dishes with this traditional taste of Ethiopia. Our Grandma-approved blend uses only the finest ingredients. It is SALT-FREE, SUGAR-FREE, with NO ADDITIVES—just all-natural ingredients for healthy, home-cooked meals.

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This delightful seasoning blend from the horn of Africa is considered the culinary foundation of Ethiopian cuisine. This mixture is often called the “cupboard mix,” as it seems to have a little bit of everything tossed in, so we did not hold back when creating our blend. Inspired by Ethiopian chefs, our blend includes cumin, cardamom, allspice, fenugreek, cloves, black pepper, chili pepper, and ginger. All of our seasonings are lovingly blended with authentic imported ingredients! Use with meats for a spicy burst of flavor!

All our seasonings are made from only the finest ingredients, which are lovingly blended to give you the authentic taste of Bailan cuisines. They’re great for quick yet utterly delicious meals.

AUTHENTIC FLAVOR: Our grandma-approved seasonings deliver the full flavor for a meal and are always made the traditional way - spices with no salt, sugar, or additives.

SAVES TIME: One pack per meal is all you need! Our seasoning blends provide all the flavor you need for a meal, so you save cooking time, eat healthier by choosing how much salt you add, and enjoy the rich flavor journey. Perfect for no-fuss lunches and weeknight dinners.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS, CAREFULLY SOURCED: We value transparency and fully commit to a clean ingredient profile. We always source the finest quality ingredients from suppliers we trust, bringing you a clean label—free of salt, sugar, additives, questionable ingredients, or anything else you wouldn’t find in your own pantry.



Cumin, cardamom, allspice, fenugreek, coriander, cloves, black pepper, chili pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, ginger root, turmeric, paprika, cinnamon