Five Food Hacks that Will Make You Love Turmeric

Five Food Hacks that Will Make You Love Turmeric

If this dish-livening spice isn’t in your spice rack already, perhaps you aren’t aware of turmeric’s multiple uses beyond the dinner plate. Turmeric has been used the world over for thousands of years for all sort of purposes. Some are medicinal, some are drinks, and some for simple vanity purposes. Stock up on turmeric to take advantage of these five food hacks in your daily life.

Tooth Brightener

One way that some people have used turmeric over the years is to mix turmeric powder with coconut oil to make an alternative to your store bought toothpaste. Another option is to wet the toothbrush first and then simply dip it into some turmeric powder. Some instructions say that after brushing, you should keep the mixture on your teeth for three to five minutes, after which you can rinse.

Turmeric Face Masks

Another benefit that turmeric provides for making you feel better outside the dinner table is to be used as part of a face mask. This is as simple as purchasing a the normal store bought face mask ingredients that you would typically use for your skin treatment, and then add a half teaspoon of turmeric powder to it, in order to improve the softness and smoothness of your skin. Simply apply to your face as you would with the normal face mask.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is not just known for its ability to spice up or visually brighten up a normal meal. It’s also been used as a tea with supposed health benefits. All you need to do is add your turmeric powder to a pot of boiling water, then adding lemon or honey for taste. It is not only flavorful, but the strong turmeric color make the tea look beautiful, as well.

Turmeric on Burns

While you should check with a medical professional for anything regarding your health, one purported use of turmeric is as an application to sooth burns or itching of the skin. Adding turmeric powder to aloe vera may help with eczema, bug bites, poison ivy and sunburn when applied directly to the burn area. Just be sure to keep clear of pets, as aloe vera can be toxic to them.

A Salve for Dry Heel Skin

If you have the incredibly common problem of experiencing thick, crack dried skin on the heels of your feet, one option to treat them might be mixing your turmeric powder with a few drops of castor oil or coconut oil. After applying the mixture to your heels, you should leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off. This treatment is best for treating dried, cracked feet when you apply it regularly until the burned area of your skin finally heals.


Like many spices, turmeric has a plethora of uses beyond simply flavoring food. If you want to liven up your spice cabinet alongside the old staples, add some turmeric and you’ll never want it to leave.

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