5 Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

5 Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

Do you feel like the price of groceries has gone up, and some products are just way too expensive? You are not alone. With supply chain and COVID-related challenges, these prices may not go down any time soon. So, here are five tips for stretching your grocery budget and still enjoying the foods you love.

  1. Plan your menu for the week, so you know what you have at home and what you need to buy. This allows you to plan how you will store and use leftovers which save you both cooking time and money!
  2. Make a shopping list and stick to it. You may find that you missed a thing or two when you created your list, and that’s ok. But, many more items added to your list while shopping will blow your budget.
  3. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. You are more likely to choose foods you do not need and may be unhealthy for you. Always eat before you leave or take a healthy snack with you to keep hunger at bay.
  4. Shop the sales and buy essentials such as paper towels, toilet paper, and detergent in bulk.
  5. Buy frozen vegetables where possible. We recommend buying high-quality frozen vegetables that taste amazing and reduce cooking prep time and waste.

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be complicated or (very) expensive when you plan ahead! 

Do you have other grocery shopping tips? Let us know in the comments.

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